Radio 31

Although pioneered by the Fountain of Love Church, Aberdeen, Radio31 is an independent community-based radio station established to deliver an encouragement to our listeners.

To deliver this, we are committed to bringing you an all day transmission courtesy of our team of creative and resourceful presenters with excellent programming and content through a continuous blend of music, talk shows and the Christian culture.

We believe we are a tool in the hands of God for re-defining media as a vehicle for positive impact; featuring content for all ages, life-transforming messages, knowledge-sharing sessions by seasoned presenters and non-stop contemporary Christian music.

Visit and listen to us today at We aim to cater for a wide range of listeners through varied programmes, a selection of which are highlighted below:

TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday): TGIF features an hour of sharing and taking on interesting, trending and sometimes controversial topics with a dash of wit after a long week with Mo & the crew! TGIF airs Fridays from 7pm-8pm.

REAL TALK: This show is about relationships. Whether you’re single, engaged or married, there’s something here for you. Guests come on the show occasionally to discuss controversial topics in these relationships, answer questions on air and give biblical advice as required. Real Talk airs Saturdays 4pm-5pm

PRAYER ROOM WITH PASTOR CHRIS: A solemn session where we come together to pray, agreeing in faith on real-life issues and challenges faced in everyday living, believing that our prayers are transported from our mouths to Gods ears. Prayer requests can also be sent in to the programme. We promise to do our best to stand in the gap for all who do so. Prayer Room airs Tuesdays at 11am

A WORD IN SEASON: This is an hour of both recorded and live messages that are targeted at transforming the lives of listeners. There will be various topics discussed, lessons to be learnt and series of episodes to look forward to week after week. A word in season airs Monday – Saturday from 9am-10am

MUSIC: Our selection of the finest music on the planet under a number of banners – ‘Gospel Drive AM’, ‘Gospel Drive PM’ and ‘Nights on Radio31’ – are sure to get you singing the Lord’s tunes. Catch the various music programmes at different times throughout the week

- Kingdom Vibes: Saturdays, 7pm to 8pm.
- An Evening of Psalms & Hymns: Sundays, 7pm to 8pm.
- A Healthy You: Tuesdays, 8pm to 9pm
- In conversation: Thursdays, 8pm-9pm
- Bible Teaching with Joyce Meyer: Weekdays at 2pm
- Billy Graham Speaks: Mondays – Wednesdays at 10am
- itestify with Eloho: Saturdays, 8pm-9pm


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